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100 Days of Winter

This is the time of year when the dust settles from a busy wedding season, sessions aren’t as frequent due to Michigan’s unfailing winters, and I finally find the time to take on a project that has some personal meaning. In light of the New Year, fresh start, and resolutions, I’ve decided to shoot a 100 day long project focused on my time during the dreary winters. So, for 100 days, I’m not going to be getting all dolled up to make my stand in front of the camera, and my kids won’t be smiling and sitting pretty in every picture. I want to just capture what life is outside of the job, with my little ones at home. So, here you go. My take on “100 Days of Winter”.

Day 1: My little snow bunny


Day 2 : Behind the window pane

Day 3: Sleeping babe


Day 4: Baby’s bath time

Day 5: Snuggle puppy


Day 6: a wintery rain

Day 7: Beagle walks

Day 8: A sled walk

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